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 Issue 350

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June 08, 2015 


World Champion
3.000 US$

Runner up
1.500 US$

Third Place
750 US$

Fourth Place
250 US$

Female Champion
250 US$

World Team
Females Champion runner up





Wed., October 28
Welcome Reception

Thu., October 29
Round 1-7

Fri., October 30
Round 8-13

Sat., October 31
Final Round
W.O.F. Annual Meeting
Victory Dinner

World Othello Federation

Annual meeting
October 30th

Please send askings and suggestions for the Annual meeting to W.O.F. latest August 30th.

Attention all Othello Associations:

Please send all result information for qualifying and national championships to Emmanuel Lazard before August 30th.

All those wishing to participate
in the 39th World Othello Championship or be a member
of the crew are asked to
please contact:

WOC 2015


39th World Othello

We are pleased to announce that the 39th World Othello Championship will be held in Cambridge, United Kingdom, October 28-31, 2015. The venue will be the University Centre, Cambridge.

The World Othello Championship 2015 is arranged by the World Othello Federation. The tournament will be sponsored by MegaHouse Corporation, John Adams Leisure Ltd. and local sponsors. Our host will be the British Othello Association. The World Othello Federations Tournament Directors will be Benkt Steentoft and Emmanuel Lazard.

The University Centre is located in central Cambridge.

The Champion will have his or her name permanently inscribed on the rotating Othello Trophy, alongside the previous 38 World Othello Champions.

The Welcome Reception will be held at the University Center, on Wednesday, October 28th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. In keeping with tradition, first round pairings will be drawn at the Reception.

Lunch will be served at the Tournament Site for all players and official guests on Thursday, October 29th and Friday, October 30th. On Saturday, October 31th lunch is only for the finalists and working staff.

The Victory Dinner 2015 will be held at Trinity Hall.
The Victory Dinner is open for all players, crews and official guests.

W.O.F. recommend players and travelers to contact Marie Lightman for reommendations of hotels and other places to stay. We also recommend Booking.com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Woc2015TD-team.

More detailed information about World Othello Championship 2015 Cambridge will be found at World Othello Federation homepage and World Othello Championship 2015 homepage.

All those wishing to participate in the 39th World Othello Championship as players, please contact your national federation. You find an list of national federations here.
Read more information at W.O.C homepage.



Tournament Directors

The WOC 2015 TD-team will direct the 39th World Othello Championship.

Benkt Steentoft
Emmanuel Lazard

Tor Birger Skogen
Guy Plowman
David Beck
Roger Gehrke

Media: Trees van Seggelen
Accomodations: Marie Lightman
Technical group: Emmanuel Lazard, Henry Aspenryd.

Do you want to be a crew?
lease read all information at the WOC 2015 homepage and/or contact Woc2015TD-team. We will need crews to Live Othello, venue room crews and Media/photo. David Beck (UK crews) & Tor Birger Skogen (International crews).
Register your asking to be crew latest August 30th.


The Othello Bulletin is published periodically by the World Othello Federation., international organisation of Othello. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Bulletin, or would like to be added to our mailing list, write to World Othello Federation.. Attention all Othello Associations: Please send all scheduling and result information for regional and national events.