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The European Grand Prix (EGP) is a circuit consisting of the major European tournaments; the winner is determined by adding the number of EGP points scored in the player's  tournaments. The EGP began in 1986. Read more about the past EGP´s here.


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European Othello Championship 2020

Date City Federation Informations Numbers Links
2020-05-02 → 2020-05-03 Rome Italy E.O.C is cancelled!
Information and registered players
73 Facebook LINK

European Grand Prix tournaments 2020

Date City Federation Informations Numbers Links
2020-02-15  - 2020-02-16 Cambridge United Kingdom Standings and information 24  
2020-06-27 → 2020-06-28 Rotterdam The Netherlands ROTTERDAM EGP IS POSTPONED!
Information will come soon
Link to Rotterdam EGP website
  Facebook link
2020-08-15 → 2020-08-16 Copenhagen Denmark Information and registered players   Facebook link
2020-09-26 → 2020-09-27 Barcelona Spain Information
Link to Barcelona EGP website
  Facebook Link

Standings top 10 (2020)

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Pos. Name Federation EGP
1 Imre Leader Great Britain 200
2 Takuji Kashiwabara France 140
3 Roel Hobo Netherlands 90
4 Marc Tastet France 60
5 Matthias Berg Germany 26
5 Guy Plowman Great Britain 26
5 Jan de Graaf - Blijleven Netherlands 26
5 Ben Pridmore Great Britain 26
9 Remi Tastet France 3
9 Bruce Kyte Great Britain 3
9 Marcel Sneek Netherlands 3
9 Wendy de Graaf-Blijleven Netherlands 3
9 Ian Turner Great Britain 3

YOUTH Standings top 3

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Pos. Name Player Country Best 4

Upcoming tournaments for EGP