EGP Seasons 1986 to 1989

European Grand Prix 1988

As the average number of players in each tournament increased since the inaugural EGP season, the organising committee decided it was time to review the points system. It was decided to allocate EGP points to the top 10 players in each tournament rather than just the top 6 with a scoring system that is still in use today (1st - 200 pts, 2nd - 140 pts, 3rd - 90 pts, 4th - 60 pts, 5th - 40 pts, 6th - 30 pts, 7th -20 pts, 8th - 15 pts, 9th -10 pts, 10th - 5 pts)

Back in Europe after missing out most of the previous EGP season, Imre Leader won his second EGP title with a second place in Cambridge and a win in Paris.