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The World Othello Championship 2017 video is online!

2 October 2017
The World Othello Championship 2017 introduction video is now released!
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A letter from the W.O.F. president.

1 October 2017
Tor Birger Skogen is the president for the World Othello Federation since 2012. He started play Othello 1988. Tor Birger have played five WOC for Norway. He also have been Norwegian Champion four times in the boardgame Go in the eighties.
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Japan Othello broadcast WOC 2017 live

27 October 2017
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Who will be the World Champion 2017?

30 September 2017
Pianyat Aunchele celebrated 2017 as the World Othello Champion. In the final he won against Yan Song. The W.O.C. 2016 was held in Mito, Japan.This year three of the semifinalists will be in Ghent to try to be the World Othello Champion.
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Thirty-six hours live Othello from WOC 2017

20 October 2017
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The World Othello Championship tournament rules updated.

22 October 2017
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Pressrelease for W.O.C. 2017

23 October 2017
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