Tournament rules

WOTM regulations


  • Each team has 4 players
  • Each player plays against the opposing team's four players
  • In total, each match will consist of 16 games
  • A win is worth 2 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 points
  • Each match has 32 points to play for. 16-16 is a draw, and so gains each team 1 point
  • Number of discs will NOT be used as a tie-break.  

Game time control:
Qualification rounds – 20 minutes each
Q16 qualification rounds - 25 minutes each
Quarter-final, semi-final, and final – 30 minutes each

Reserve player:
If a registered player is not able to play on the day, a reserve player may play instead. The player must be registered to WOF-admin at least 1 hour before the matches start.

Minimum number of players:
A team must have at least three players. They can not add a player when the match has started.
If a team only has two players for a match or round, they will lose the match automatically.

Match decider:
1. Match point
2. If same match point, mutual match.
3. IF mutual match ended draw Games point separate the teams
4. IF same Game points, Discs separate the teams
The WOTM TD is responsible for the counting if more then 2 teams end at same points.

Match decider Elimination games, Quarter-, Semi- & Final:
​​​​1. Match point
2. If same match point a last game plays between two players, one from each team. The match is 2*10 minutes. The team leaders decide who is playing. Home team choose color.
3. IF the first match end 32-32, two new players from each team play a new game. In the second game the Away team choose color.
4. If the second match also end 32-32 new players from each team plays, until one team win. Home team chose colors at games with odd numbers, and Away team chose color in odd numbers games.5. IF all four players in a team have played one game each, and ALL games ends 32-32, it start again with player number 1 until one team have won a game..

Match order:
In the group stage, teams are expected to play against each other in the fixture order being scheduled after pairings. 
If some teams find it challenging to follow the fixture, please notify WOF as soon as possible. is the address! Write “Match Schedule” as title."

Players responsibility 

We have decided to implement a new fair play system for this round (and, assuming it is successful, for all future WOF rated online tournaments). All players will be required to provide a link which will allow the public and WOF officials to view them playing as well as the game screen. The following are guidelines about how players should approach this.

1. Any technical method can be used (Zoom, Google Meetings, personal Youtube channel etc.) so long as
  - The link can be made publicly available (even if there is a limit to viewing numbers).
  - The link can remain on for the duration of the game.
2. The link will need to be shared in the match main chat at least one minute before each game starts.
3. It is preferred that the camera is showing the player and the screen but if this is not possible, it is acceptable to use a rear facing camera showing the face.

Although most matches and games have been played in good spirit, this system is being implemented primarily due to the large degree of suspicion that has accompanied some of those competitive online games and also the fear of being suspected if performing well. We feel that this solution not only gives everybody the confidence to neither feel suspicious nor feel suspected but also adds extra interest for the viewers.

Fair play
We encourage all teamleaders and players to be aware about the WOF Fair play policy. 
Read it here!



Japan 1 – China 4
Japan 2 – China 3
Japan 3 – China 2
Japan 4 – China 1

China 3 – Japan 1
China 4 – Japan 2
China 1 – Japan 3
China 2 – Japan 4

Japan 1 – China 2
Japan 2 – China 1
Japan 3 – China 4
Japan 4 – China 3

China 1 – Japan 1
China 2 – Japan 2
China 3 – Japan 3
China 4 – Japan 4