WOF Council & committees

WOF Committees


W.O.F. YOUTH Committee

The youth group's main purpose is to develop opportunities for young people to play Othello. Develop study materials and financial opportunities for the federations to invest in Othello for young people and schools. Read more about the WOF Youth Events Group here.

Jan C. de Graaf-Blijleven, the Netherlands, Chairman, 
Tom Schotte, Belgium, Treasurer,
Leonid Shifman, Israel
Erdenebaatar Genden, Mongolia
Jens Aagaard-Hansen, Denmark
Ivan Chan, Australia
Evan Fritsch, Brazil

W.O.F. MEDIA Committee 

The Media committee is responsible for the WOF Web-sites, WOC Press center and Othello Live-TV. We also publish books and articles about Othello and Othello strategy. 

Guy Plowman - Chairman, 
Tom Schotte - Treasurer,
Benkt Steentoft - Secretary/WOF Office
Luke Plowman - Social Media,
Andreas Milionis - Live TV
Sido Helmes - Art and books
Linda Praesptyo - Merchandise
Robbert Jongkind - Advisors

Web group, Othello news, Othello Live TV production, WOF Social Media, Books & Media

Guy Plowman - Chairman
Luke Plowman - Vice Chairman​​​​​

Alex Bo Chao Koh Herman Holmström Sido Helmes
Andreas Milionis Kunihiko Tanida Taha Öztürk
Ania Larina Linda Praseptyo Takeshi Murakami
Avi Ben Linnea Widman Tay Yi An
Buyanzaya Khuyagbaatar Luke Plowman Trees van Seggelen
Christina Mitsi Mi Steentoft Vasco van der Eng
Daniel Turunen Mirek Voracek, Benkt Steentoft
Guy Plowman Robbert Jongkind  


The WOF rating committee is responsible for updating and developing the WOF rating list. All federations submit tournament results to the WOF so they can be included in regular updates of the rating list. The WOF rating list is updated once a month or whenever required.

Emmanuel Lazard, Chairman, 
Tom Schotte
Henry Aspenryd

WOF Tournament CommitteE

The WOF Tournament committee is responsible for the organisation and development of the World Othello Championships. The WOC TD group started in 1988 as a support group to the WOC organisers ANJAR. In 2001 the group took on more responsibility and since 2005 the WOF is the main organiser of the WOC.

Benkt Steentoft - Chairman
Marc Tastet - Vice Chairman​​​​​
Alex Zhelezov, Kang Le, Maria Serena Vecchi, - Members
Ali Davari, Chinzorig Sashka, Kevin Ruby,  Marc Tastet, Moises Correia Jr, Pieter Thomas, WOF Confederations
Tom Schotte, Treasurer,
Emmanuel Lazard, Tecnical Director / Ratings,
Henry Aspenryd, Rules & Technical advisor,
Uffe Bengtsson, Statistics & Technical advisor

WOF Fair play Team

The WOF President is responsible for creating a Judgement Committee if there are sufficient reasons for this.
The JC must consist of at least five people from all Confederations.

The WOF Fair Panel are a support when players feel they have been unfaired responded.
WOF Fair Play Team are responsible for the registrations of WOF Flag Players system.
The WOF Fair Play Panel follow the WOF policy on artificial assistance
during online tournaments.

The WOF President