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Israeli National 2018

24 June 2018
Written by Leonid Shifman

Congratulations to Ilya, Andrey and Michael!

12 players players attended to the Israeli Othello National, including 6 kids. There has not been a change in generations yet, but a match of kids - adults ended in a draw 8:8. Micky, Shahar, Danielle and Asaf everyone beat the adults (Micky won at his dad!) in the final round! In this way, Micky, Shahar and Danielle took three points each, and according the MBQ Micky finished third!
Congratulations to Ilya, Andrey and Michael!
Unfortunately Guy left the tournament after 2 games.
The struggle was so fascinating that we forgot to photograph...
Andrey refused to fly to Prague. For this reason, the Israel team at the Prague World Championships looks like this:
Ilya Shifman, Michael Shifman, Leonid Shifman, Danielle Yosifovich, Shahar Laufer. It is the first time a national team includes three youth players!

Israeli National, results:

1: 4 pts [403] SHIFMAN Ilya (885) {ISR}
[387] MALNEV Andrey (4085) {ISR}
3: 3 pts [363] SHIFMAN Michael (200010) {ISR}
[354] SHIFMAN Leonid (880) {ISR}
[350] LAUFER Shahar (200040) {ISR}
[312] YOSIFOVICH Danielle (200018) {ISR}
7: 2 pts [352] GELTZER Valery (4038) {ISR}
[342] RADZIVILOVSKY Pavel (4028) {ISR}
[260] FABIAN Asaf (200012) {ISR}
[256] SHIFMAN Shani (200009) {ISR}
11: 1 pt [266] BASE Olga (200048) {ISR}
[240] FABIAN Guy (200027) {ISR}