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Kfar-Saba International

11 August 2018
Written by Leonid Shifman

Emmanuel Lazard came on vacation to Israel. We decided not to miss our chance and organized August, 10 a small, but international round-robin tournament. Emmanuel kindly agreed to participate. He took first place, but kindly lost to the youth champion of Israel Micky Shifman.
Micky lost only to Leonid, and Leonid lost to Shachar...
Congrats to Emmanuel and Micky!


LAZARD, Emmanuel, FR,  4, 213
SHIFMAN, Michael, ISR,  4, 158
SHIFMAN, Leonid, ISR,  3, 192
SHIFMAN, Ilya, ISR,  2, 188
LAUFER, Shachar, ISR,  1, 106
MARGALIOT, Michael, ISR,  1, 103