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40th Meijin 2019

24 March 2019
Written by Benkt Steentoft

The 40th Meijin was held 23th-24th March as tradition. Over 300 players was registered to the maintourney. 216 came, and that is a great number too! This year it was also foreign players. 14 players coming from Hong Kong, Spain, Taiwan. Mongolia and USA. It is interesting that the Mongolian team was seven players strong! 
Meijin is one of the toughest tournaments in the world to win. Over 200 players. It is a version of exclusion tournament. One loss and you dont have chance to win the tournament. The winner got throphies and also qualified for the World Othello Championship. 

Akihiro Takahashi won Meijin 2019. He is the youngest Meijin master in history. So far we may include :-) He played final against Tetsuya Nakajima. You can read more about Akihiro Takahashi here

40th Meijin 2019
1. Akihiro Takahashi
2. Tetsuya Nakajima
3. Makoto Suekuni
4. Takahiro Nagashima
Final game: Takahashi - Nakajima 45-19
216 players attending

M.Suekuni-T. Nakajima-A Takahashi. T Nagashima from leftside.JPG


Ladies Meijin 2019
1. Ayumi Norimitsu
2. Satomi Takahashi
3. Ibuki Nagatsuka
Final game: Norimitsu - Takahashi 42-22
30 players attending
Ladies-Ayumi Norimitsu(Center).JPG
Youth Meijin 2019 (Primary school)
1. Takahiro Nagashima
2. Makoto Iketani
3. Chihiro Kano
Final game: Nagashima - Iketani 44-20
52 players attending
Youth-Takahiro Nagashima(Center).JPG
Youth Meijin 2019 (Junior high)
1. Akihiro Takahasi
2. Masaki Wada
3. Yuma Nanase
Final game: Takahashi - Wada 39-25
13 players attending
Junior high-Akihiro Takahashi(Center) .JPG
Youth Meijin 2019 (High school)
1. Rintaro Nakamura
2. Daichi Kitano
3. Takumi Kitano
Final game: Nakamura - Kitano 39-25
16 players attending
High School-Rintaro Nakamura(Center).JPG
Masters class (Players over 40 years old)
1. Makoto Suekuni
2. Takeshi Hasegawa
3.Takeshi Murakami
Final game: Suekuni - Hasegawa 38-26
51 players attending
Masters-Makoto Suekuni(Center).JPG