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Thailand Othello Championship 2019

31 March 2019
Written by Benkt Steentoft

Piyanat Aunchele is the Thailand Othello Champion 2019. 2018 he met Woramet Hempijit. This year they met in the semifinal and Aunchele won the game. Anon Hongthong met Pharisorn Sritaraphan in the other semifinal and won. 
Aunchele met Anon Hongtong in the final game. The final game was an exciting game. Hongthong had a good position and was in lead until the endgame. The endgame was a tricky one, and Hongthong dropped from a +10 in move 50, to a -2 in move 56. You can see the final game here.
It was 19 players attending. It was great to se so many youth players in the Thai Championship 2019.

1. Piyanat Aunchele
2. Anon Hongtong
3. Woramet Hempijt54799961_2098410490205965_8646117042019106816_o.jpg
    Tana Patcharaporn (Best female player)
    Jiraphat Na Thalang (Best youth player)

Final game: Piyanat Aunchele - 33-31
3th/4th game: Woramet Hempijit - Pharisorn Sritaraphan 51-13
Semi final 1: Woramet Hempijit - Piyanat Aunchele 17-47
Semi final 2: Pharisorn Sritaraphan - Anon Hongthong 25-39