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Arthur Juigner Swiss champion 2019

30 March 2019
Written by Benkt Steentoft

Switzerland championship was from the start a fight between Arthur Juigner and Michele Borassi who should be the Swiss Champion. It was four players in the championship, so they played a double round robin. Michele won the first game against against Arthur with 42-22. I the last pre-round Arthur got his revansh with 45-19. In the final game Arthur took a steady grip on the match right from the start and made comfortable with 45-19.

Final game: Michele Borassi - Arthur Juigner 19-45

Standings Pre-rounds
1. Arthur Juigner    5 - 262
2. Michele Borassi 5 - 249
3. Frédéric Joye     2 - 161
4. Felix Juigner      0 - 96

* Picture from Swiss Championship 2018 by Francois Jugnier