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New player record?

31 July 2019
Written by #WOC19

The 43rd World Othello Championship is almost here! With almost 30 nations participating we are to set a new world record in more than one way! Today, at the deadline of registration to WOC 2019, there were 110 players registered from 32 Othello federations! There was also a new record set, of almost 20 youth players attending the Youth WOC 2019!  

The old player record was from Ghent, Belgium, 2017 with 86 players. 
We have quite a few new nations joining the already established ones in the tournament (and the game!) and even here we are set for a new record!  To name a few of the newcomers; Taiwan, Mongolia, Vietnam and Pakistan! We are happy to see players from all continents attending the event! We welcome all new Othello nations and players!   We are happy to welcome players of all ages! The youngest is 7 year old and the oldest is 68! The average age of the players is 34 years old. 
We also welcome the over 40 WOC crews who will make the tournament a successful and fair World Championship for all players!
Check the World Othello Championship 2019 website.