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Information about W.O.C. 2020

10 July 2020
Written by WOC Tournament Director

  Dear Othello community!

   We are sad to inform you that the World Othello Championship 2020 will
be cancelled!
The main reason for this decision is the ongoing Corona pandemic. It is
impossible for us to organize a W.O.C. because we do not know what will
happen towards autumn. It is also uncertain if all players will be able
to travel in October.

  We are working to make W.O.C. 2021 a fantastic event for everyone!
Together with the France Othello federation, the Othello sponsors and
all you enthusiastic Othello players, we are sure that next W.O.C will
be a fantastic Othello event!

  The W.O.F. annual meeting 2020 will be held as an online meeting. We
will inform everyone about date and time.  Invitation to the W.O.F.
annual meeting will be sent out in August.

  If you have any questions about W.O.C. 2020 or W.O.C. 2021, please send
us an email!

  We looking forward to meet you all next year in WOC!

W.O.F. Council
W.O.C. Tournament Directors team

Benkt Steentoft
World Othello Federation
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178 90 Ekerö
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