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WOF Othello series April

16 May 2021
Written by Daniel Turunen

Othello series 1 was played between the 1st and 31st of April. The tournament was played on Vint.ee with a time format of 5 minutes plus 2 seconds increment and had 126 participating players, an absolutely astounding number! The tournament had participants from no less than 26 different countries! The four best performing players were Marc Tastet (France), Mehul Yvas (India), Alexander Melnikov and Ivan Gutorov (Russia). Marc Tastet is one of our most well-known international top players. He has played for almost 30 years and has participated in countless World championships tournaments. Mehul has played since 2009 and participated in four Othello World Championships. The big surprise is perhaps Alexander Melnikov, who only played three official tournaments, one of which was the 1991 World Othello Championship, in New York(USA) . Ivan Gutorov has played since 2009 and participated in domestic tournaments, including a European Grand Prix (EGP) in St. Petersburg, Russia. A big congratulations to Marc Tastet who won the tournament and to all the participants who fought valiantly!