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WOF Othello Series May

31 May 2021
Written by Daniel Turunen

Othello series 2 was played between the 1st and 31st of May. The tournament was played on vint.ee with the time format as Othello series 1, ie 5 minutes plus 2 seconds. The tournament had 112 participants from all 23 countries! The four best players were David Hand (Great Britain), Dmitriy Atamanov (Russia), Bing Wang (China) and Vidar Albrigtsen (Norway). David Hand is one of our top players in Europe. He has played since 2006 and participated in many tournaments, including 4 World Championships. Dmitriy Atamanov is Russia's highest ranked player and has played since 2013. Bing Wang has only three registered tournaments under his belt. Vidar Albrigtsen is one of Norway's best players and has participated in countless tournaments, including 6 World Championships and several Nordic championships. Congratulations to David Hand who won round two of the Othello series, and to everyone else who fougt valiantly! There are players on all skill levels participating in the tournaments, feel free to join us and start playing on vint.ee!