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Othello glossary in Japanese, English, and Chinese

25 August 2022
Written by Takeshi Murakami

Othello glossary in Japanese, English, and Chinese-

When I was around 20 years old, I wrote a small article titled "Let's enjoy Othello in English" and contributed it to The Royal Road, a publication printed and distributed by Masaki Takizawa.   It was a glossary of Othello terms and phrases in Japanese (my mother tongue) and English translation.   
The publication was in paper and was given out to Othello players in Japan. I guess no more than 100 copies existed.  Then someone, most probably Kensuke Ibata, digitalized the article and put it on his blog. The blog is no longer active but Shigemitsu Takahashi, the father of Akihiro Takahashi (current World Champion of Othello) had printed out the article before the blog disappeared and recently re-digitalized it. 
Jun Miyazaki, who has been an Othello player as long as I (so for more than 40 years!) now lives in China and knows many Chinese players. He put Chinese translations with the help of his Chinese friends. Takahashi sought the help of many other people (including his renowned son!)  to finally present it on a web page: