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The 43rd Othello Meijin-sen

2 February 2023
Written by Othello News

The Meijin-sen is one of the biggest Othello tournaments in the world.
The word "Meijin" (名人) means Master, and it truly is a Masters Tournament as the best Japanese players participate in this very prestigious tournament. Around 120 players usually participate in the Meijin-sen and it is the only tournament organised by the Japan Othello Association that is open to foreign players.

Winning the Meijin is a great honour for the Japanese players. The Meijin is also a qualifying tournament to participate in the World Othello Championship.

The 43rd Meijin-sen will be held 18th to 19th March in Niigata City.
The Meijin-sen is an open tournament. Foreign players are welcome. 
On Saturday 18th the tournaments for the various youth divisions and over-40 division will be held (no women's division this year).
On Sunday 19th the main event will be held, the 6 rounds of the "open division" Meijin. A maximum of 150 players can participate.
Information (in English) for foreigners who are interested to play in the Meijin.