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1st Asia-Pacific Othello Championship 2023!

23 June 2023
Written by Othello News

The first Asia-Pacific Othello Championship will be held this weekend in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Mongolia is maybe not the most well known Othello country in the world, but that is now about to change!
For the last six years a bunch of Othello enthusiasts have worked hard to start up events and clubs all over the country. With positive energy and enthusiasm they have visited many schools where they trained teachers so they could start running Othello school events.  Thousands of school students discovered Othello, and as a consequence Mongolia is now the second country in the world with the most youth players. The Japan Othello Association has the largest number of youth players, for the moment. 
The APOC 2023 has almost 120 players, mostly Mongolian players. There are 30 players representing other countries, traveling from Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Australia and Singapore. The highest rated players are from Japan. 
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