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44th Meijin, Japan

17 March 2024
Written by Othello News


44th Meijin (open division)

Champion - Yusuke Takanashi
Runnerup - Satoshi Kurahashi
3rd place - Seiya Kurita
4th place - Chihiro Kano

184 players were registered for this 44th Meijin tournament. There were many former Meijin winners and world champions attending. The 2018 world  champion Keisuke Fukuchi made a comeback after six years away from tournaments. Hideshi Tamenori, the player who has won the most WOC titles, also attended.   

The winner of this year's edition was the five-time world champion Yusuke Takanashi.

44th Meijin Ladies final

Champion - Mari Nakayama
Runnerup - Mami Yamanaka


There was no separate Ladies division this year but there was a Ladies final for the top 2 female players from the open division.

44th Meijin Elementary school division

Winner: Yuuki Maekawa
Runner-up: Sato Minato
3rd place Osuke Kawazoe
4th place Rinku Tsuchigane 

24 players attended the "Elementary school" division tournament (for players under twelve) including 4 players from Mongolia. 

44th Meijin Student division

Winner Kenta Yakushiji
Runner-up Satomu Kozai
3rd place Tokiwa Hiragine
4th place Yuga Shirai

61 players attended the "Student" division tournament open to all players with a student ID.

Kenta Yakushiji played the World Othello Championship 2019 in Tokyo where he was runner up in the WOC youth Championship, and 11th place overall.


44th Meijin Senior division (40+)

Winner: Tetsu Satani
Runner-up: Sohei Sasaki
3rd place Kisuke Kano
4th place Tetsuya Nakajima

45 players attended the "seniors/masters" division Meijin tournament open to players over 40 years old. Tetsu Satani, the 2014 Meijin winner won this division.