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Japan: Yasushi Nagano won the 157th Shinagawa Seaside Open

10 April 2024
Written by Alexandr Melnikov & Othello News

 The current world champion 7th Dan Yasushi Nagano defeated his main opponents in head-to-head games: the runner-up 8th Dan Tetsuya Nakajima and the third-place finisher 9th Dan Yusuke Takanashi. 
Nagano has 5 wins and one loss - from Yuwa Umeda (31:33). 
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"I want to tell you about a game tournament I was in. Many experienced players were there, and it was exciting. The most interesting game, though, was with a young player getting better, Yuwa Umeda. 
The move to look at is my 47:B2. Most people might pick 47:F2 instead. But, if you go with F2 G1 B2 B1, it would be bad for black.
I chose 47:B2 and answered white's 48:F2 with 49:G7, hoping to win with a smart move. I lost the game because time ran out on my last move! 

It was a sad way to lose, but it shows that even a small mistake can make you lose to a good player. That's what makes the game tough; even the champion can lose by a tiny mistake."

/Yasushi Nagano to Othello News