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Oslo Open - 2024

21 April 2024
Written by Alexandr Melnikov

Knut Bjarte Haus wins the  Oslo Open - 2024. Knut did comeback after 5 years absent from Othello tourneys. 

It was a small tournament with only four participants. So, good news: each of the participants could boast after the tournament that they were in the top 4.

Based on the results of the two-round robin tournament, Knut Bjarte Haus and Pal Olsen Hammervik met in the one-game final.

The game was interesting. For a long time it seemed that White (Hammervik) had chosen a more correct strategy and was confidently moving towards victory. But in the position on the diagram, Pal made the careless move 34.e8 and after answering 35.a4! it turned out that Black had flipped the important disc g4 and was getting an additional quiet move f7. After 35.b5 36.a6! White didn't have enough good moves, so he had to play x-squares and it all ended in a big defeat.

Full results: https://flipthedisc.com/live/16.