Othello news

The fight to be the King of the islands

22 April 2024
Written by Benkt Steentoft

Outside Stockholm it is some Islands at the Mälaren Archepilago. At those islands it is living some Othelloplayers. Last year we organized the first MOS Open tourney. Now it was time for the second tourney. The local club Mälaröarnas Othello Society (MOS) had Henry Aspenryd, Benkt Steentoft and Emma Löfroth. South Stockholm came with Niklas Wettergren, Jan Zemelka and Erik Johansson, and North Stockholm sent Oskar Eklund. Notable is that five of the players have played WOC, so it was a strong Stockholm tourney.
The tourney was interesting. It almost went at the rating said it should be, but it was close to be some surprise results, as can be noted below.
MOS Open was played as a RoundRobin. 
Emma won her game against Erik and took her first points against experienced players.
The final game between Niklas and Oskar was won by Niklas. It was a game who was close and could ended in many ways. 
Standings and results you find at Flip the Disc great site!
Below the game between ⚫ Benkt and ⚪ Oskar ​​​​​​. Black to move and I chosed the worst move of all in this situation, and lost the game. Easy come ... easy go ...