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Athens EGP 2024

17 May 2024
Written by Andreas Litsas

The next European tournament is the Athens EGP at 15-16 of June.

Athens hosts for 5th time an EGP tournament. The first time was in 2013. Through those years a lot of things have change but the spirit of the tournament remains the same. What characterises mostly the Athens EGP is the traditional Greek hospitality.

Even from Friday evening, the Greek players are in disposition of their guests. Participants can expect that the company with Greek players continues after playing the games. At Saturday evening it's time for a walk around akropolis, in the place where Athens heartbeats. This by itself is a tradition for Athens EGP be cause it happened in almost all previous times. And June is the best time to enjoy Athens' center. For Sunday, after prize ceremony, a sight visit and/or a dinner is the best way to farewell our guests. Except if they stay for an extra day, so even at Monday morning we can do something together. Overall, what we want for players from Europe is to experience Athens without feeling like being typical tourists.

And of course there is Othello! The tournament counts for the European Grand Prix and the Greek team is stronger than previous times with some new members. And we expect the number of foreign registered players to increase significantly in the next days. The venue is a conference center which belong to the administration of some district of Athens. In parallel with the EGP there will be a promotion of the game in the local community.

In this years' Athens EGP...

we will meet old friends who has come in previous Athens EGP tournaments and they enjoy the Greek culture

we will welcome new friends with the hope that will return in their countries with some nice memories

we will remember the first ever Athens EGP winner Francesco Marconi. He is not with us any more. There will be a special prize at his name.

Information and Register for Athens EGP