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13 May 2024
Written by Alexandr Melnikov & Othello News

India: Ashok Choudhary won the Indian National. 
On the first day of the championship, Choudhary became the first after 7 rounds of the Swiss (there were 12 participants in total). He scored 6.5 points out of 7, drawing only with Paul Tuhin. But in the semi-finals of the tournament, Ashok beat Paul twice, and then also won 2-0 in the final against Amar Roy. Mehul Vyas took third place.

Japan: Seiya Kurita won the 168 Shinagawa Open. 
8th dan Kurita won all 6 games of a very strong tournament. Second place was also taken by 8th dan Tetsuya Nakajima. In third place is Hideki Kitajima (7th dan). 2022 World Champion Kento Urano lost two games and finished sixth

Belgium: Makoto Suekuni won the European Championship. 
The third in the history of the EOC was attended by 65 participants. The winner was one of the main favorites of the tournament - two-time world champion Makoto Suekuni, who now plays for the Netherlands. Defending champion Michel Borassi was left without a medal, losing the third-place game to Nicky Van Den Biggelaar. Oscar Eklund took second place, having played excellently on the second day of the EOC.