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Oleksandr Babichev wins Ukraine Othello Championship 2017

20 May 2017

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Date: May 20th
‚ÄčLink: LiveOthello

On May 20 the first Ukrainian Othello Championship was held in Kharkiv. The total number of players at this tournament was 8.

‚ÄčOleksandr Babichev and Oleksandr Tokranov qualified for the final. Babaichev gained 5 points in swiss, Tokranov - 4 points. Tokranov won the first final game 30-34, Babichev won the second game with the same result, the third one was a draw. 

The playoff for third place was won by Oleksandr Miroshnichenko. He won 22- 42 against Kyrill Kobzarev. In the swiss rounds Miroshnichenko won against the runner-up Tokranov in round 1 and against the champion Babichev in round 4.

Top 4 Ukraine Championship:
  1. BABICHEV Oleksandr
  2. TOKRANOV Oleksandr
  4. KOBZAREV Kirill

final: TOKRANOV Oleksandr - BABICHEV Oleksandr