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Meijin 2018, Youth and Female classes

17 March 2018
Written by Benkt Steentoft & Tad Maehata

The 39th Meijin-sen was played this weekend in Kobe, Japan. On Saturday, the junior classes and the ladies played their classes as usual. Over 120 juniors met and made up about the three youth classes. The sensation from the World Othello Championship 2017, Akihiro Takahashi, turned out to be defeated in his class by Keisuke Fukuchi.

Female Class 
1st Reiko Sato
2nd Aya Saito
3rd Hisako Kinoshita
Reiko Sato2.jpg

Elementary school 6-12 years old.
Keisuke Fukuchi
2nd Akihiro Takahashi
3rd Daichi Sobajima

Junior high class- 13-15 years old. 
1st. Rintaro Nakamura
2nd Daiki Takamizawa
3rd Shinu Go

High school class 15-18 years old.
1st Kento Urano
2nd Shun Souda
3rd Satoshi Kurahashi

youth meijijn 2018.jpg
    Youth classes, Meijin 2018. Kobe