SUZUKI Akihito (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 鈴木彰人
3 tournaments
16 results
Player ID: 11307
Rated T183 in Japan and T211 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T264 in the World
Latest rating: 2007
2022-03-20: 42_Meijin_students(Japan)
HIRAKAWA Yuma34-30SUZUKI Akihito
SUZUKI Akihito41-23MITANI Koutarou
ISHIDA Ren41-23SUZUKI Akihito
SUZUKI Akihitowon againstFUJII Renya
SUZUKI Akihito41-23IKEDA Takeshi
2009-12-13: 8_Kansai_elem_school_student_open(Japan)
TODA Guratoshi47-17SUZUKI Akihito
YAMAMOTO Yuki57-07SUZUKI Akihito
SUZUKI Akihito44-20OHTSUBO Hidetaka
SUZUKI Mizuki64-00SUZUKI Akihito
KOTANI Yotaro36-28SUZUKI Akihito
SUZUKI Akihito46-18SUZUKI Hazuki
MURAYAMA Motoki37-27SUZUKI Akihito
1995-07-30: 23rd All Japan(Japan)
NAKAJIMA Tetsuyawon againstSUZUKI Akihito
FUKUI Seijiwon againstSUZUKI Akihito
SUZUKI Akihitowon againstUMEZAWA Yoshinori