SCHOO Alexa (Netherlands)

2 tournaments
9 results
Player ID: 120210
Rated 80 in Netherlands and 407 in Europe and 1635 in the World
Latest rating: -22
  • 2018
2018-10-16: 23e Burijn Othello Open(Netherlands)
STET Thijmen42-22SCHOO Alexa
WEIJERS Anja37-27SCHOO Alexa
SCHOO Alexa51-13OUD Gaia
SCHOO Alexa17-47KAAIJ Isa
WEIJERS Thieu36-28SCHOO Alexa
2018-06-12: 21e Burijn Othello Open(Netherlands)
DE BACKER Rudy57-07SCHOO Alexa
SCHOO Alexa08-56BERGEN Vajen
MIER Koosje40-24SCHOO Alexa
SCHOO Alexa00-64VERBURG Axel