DE WIT Hester (Netherlands)

2 tournaments
10 results
Player ID: 120268
Rated 80 in Netherlands and 407 in Europe and 1635 in the World
Latest rating: -102
  • 2019
2019-12-17: 30e Burijn Othello Open(Netherlands)
WEIJERS Anja43-21DE WIT Hester
DE WIT Hester02-62ZWAAN Sophia
DEKKER Cas36-28DE WIT Hester
DE RUYTER Ilay29-35DE WIT Hester
DE WIT Hester09-55NUSSELDER Feline
2019-10-15: 29e Burijn Othello Open(Netherlands)
PEREBOOM Elina31-33DE WIT Hester
DE WIT Hester19-45DE RAADT Sara
KOELEMIJ Oscar31-33DE WIT Hester
DE WIT Hester30-34OUD Gaia
SCHOO Kian47-17DE WIT Hester