AUCHI Hiromi (Japan)

3 tournaments
17 results
Player ID: 12996
Rated T367 in Japan and T411 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T485 in the World
Latest rating: 1927
2019-01-05: Shinagawa_open_2019(Japan)
AUCHI Hiromi35-29YAMAGUCHI Hironobu
ITO Kenshun42-22AUCHI Hiromi
AUCHI Hiromi42-22KOBAYASHI Ayumi
AUCHI Hiromi37-27FUJII Renya
AUCHI Hiromi36-28NAGASHIMA Yoshitaka
TANIDA Kunihiko49-15AUCHI Hiromi
2018-12-08: 133_Chiyarenshi_open_beginner(Japan)
OHWAKU Yutawon againstAUCHI Hiromi
SEKINE Taku41-23AUCHI Hiromi
AUCHI Hiromi47-17YADOMI Kentarou
AUCHI Hiromi52-12OSBORNE Emma
AUCHI Hiromi40-24HOSAKA Azuma
AUCHI Hiromi33-31TAKAHASHI Akinari
2013-07-06: 82_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
AUCHI Hiromi39-25URANO Kento
AUCHI Hiromi43-21NAKAZAWA Junichi
YOKOUCHI Yuji40-24AUCHI Hiromi
OCHIAI Naofumi35-29AUCHI Hiromi
URANO Kentowon againstAUCHI Hiromi