SAIKI Takaki (Japan)Japanese name(s): 斉木崇希
3 tournaments
16 results
Rated T545 in Japan and T654 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T814 in the World
Latest rating: 1645
2019-10-06: 24_Yamanashi_open(Japan)
MURAKAMI Takeshi51-13SAIKI Takaki
SAIKI Takaki35-29DE GRAAF Wendy
SAIKI Takaki57-07TANAKA Chikako
OCHIAI Kenta55-09SAIKI Takaki
DE GRAAF Jan C53-11SAIKI Takaki
2016-10-02: 21_Yamanashi_open(Japan)
MITSUYA Nobuaki46-18SAIKI Takaki
ITAGAKI Kenichi40-24SAIKI Takaki
TAKEDA Kyoko47-17SAIKI Takaki
KOBAYASHI Manabu48-16SAIKI Takaki
HISHIYAMA Yuichi37-27SAIKI Takaki
2015-10-04: 20_Yamanashi_open(Japan)
OHMORI Keita55-09SAIKI Takaki
IKEDA Atsuhiko44-20SAIKI Takaki
SAIKI Takaki50-14ASAKAWA Takuya
GOTO Masahiro55-09SAIKI Takaki
TOMINAGA Kenta40-24SAIKI Takaki