NONAKA Takatoshi (Japan)Japanese name(s): 野中孝利
2 tournaments
12 results
Rated 814 in Japan and 961 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1226 in the World
Latest rating: 1373
2016-08-07: 9_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
YAMASHITA Kazuma54-10NONAKA Takatoshi
KASAI Yuta36-28NONAKA Takatoshi
HATTORI Kazuki34-30NONAKA Takatoshi
NONAKA Takatoshi35-29KOMORI Umehara
YAMAMOTO Masashi43-21NONAKA Takatoshi
NONAKA Takatoshi46-18KANA Shouji
2015-08-09: 7_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
NONAKA Takatoshiwon againstTAGUCHI Amane
NONAKA Takatoshi38-26HATSUDA Kaion
NAKANISHI Kazuki58-06NONAKA Takatoshi
KUMA Mitsuo43-21NONAKA Takatoshi
TAYAMA Tsubasa62-02NONAKA Takatoshi
NONAKA Takatoshi37-27HATSUDA Rie