KYO Hitoshi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 姜仁志
7 tournaments
44 results
Player ID: 13595
Rated T564 in Japan and T666 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T802 in the World
Latest rating: 1759
2018-08-05: 13_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
YAMAZAKI Keita42-22KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi42-22UNO Toshihiro
HARA Tomokazu37-27KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi37-27KASAI Yuta
BABA Koudai48-16KYO Hitoshi
HAYASUGI Yu38-26KYO Hitoshi
YAMAZAKI Takuya40-24KYO Hitoshi
2017-05-04: 12_Hyogo_open(Japan)
NISHIMURA Akihiro42-22KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi40-24MATSUDA Akira
YOKOYAMA Chiaki40-24KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi52-12MATSUMOTO Kazunori
HARA Tomokazu39-25KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi56-08ASATA Yuuya
2016-12-18: Osaka_open_2016(Japan)
FUKUDA Akihiro40-24KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi37-27SUGAWARA Misa
SATO Hiroki36-28KYO Hitoshi
MATSUBARA Takashi47-17KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi35-29TANIGUCHI Masaki
KYO Hitoshi49-15ATACHI Riku
2016-10-09: 27_Kansai_championship_B(Japan)
KYO Hitoshi35-29HASHIMOTO Yuya
KYO Hitoshi41-23OBATA Ryo
KYO Hitoshi46-18TAGUCHI Amane
KYO Hitoshi38-26NAKAMURA Shinichi
KYO Hitoshi55-09OKUNO Masanobu
KYO Hitoshi35-29OKUNO Naokazu
KITAMURA Shunta33-31KYO Hitoshi
2016-08-14: 1_Kansai_B(Japan)
KYO Hitoshi49-15OBATA Jitsu
KYO Hitoshi45-19TAGUCHI Amane
TAGUCHI Rin48-16KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi36-28OKUNO Naokazu
OKUNO Masakazu39-25KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi40-24MATSUI Yuta
2016-08-07: 9_Kyoto_standings(Japan)
KYO Hitoshi41-23HATTORI Kazuki
MIYAZAKI Toru55-09KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi49-15KASAI Yuta
YAMAZAKI Keita53-11KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi51-13YAMASHITA Kazuhisa
KYO Hitoshi33-31SAITO Hiroki
2015-12-20: Osaka_open(Japan)
SHIMOMURA Shikiwon againstKYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi35-29ASANO Yoshiko
OKAMURA Hiroaki50-14KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi33-31MATSUNO Tadayoshi
YAMAZAKI Takuya37-27KYO Hitoshi
KYO Hitoshi36-28MATSUMOTO Kishie