IMOTO Yutsuka (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 井本裕太
4 tournaments
27 results
Player ID: 13796
Rated T505 in Japan and T585 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T699 in the World
Latest rating: 1803
2018-03-18: 39_Meijin(Japan)
SUGIMOTO Takaharuwon againstIMOTO Yutsuka
SAITO Ayawon againstIMOTO Yutsuka
HORIUCHI Keikowon againstIMOTO Yutsuka
IMOTO Yutsukawon againstESAKI Sachiji
IMOTO Yutsukawon againstYAMANAKA Yukihiro
IMOTO Yutsukawon againstIWASE Mutsumi
IKEDA Ryousukewon againstIMOTO Yutsuka
2017-10-08: 28_Kansai_championship_B(Japan)
TAGUCHI Shinya43-21IMOTO Yutsuka
TAKADA Tokitaka63-01IMOTO Yutsuka
IMOTO Yutsuka46-18HORI Tarou
IMOTO Yutsuka48-16YAMASHITA Kiko
IMOTO Yutsuka47-17IMOTO Kazugiro
ICHIKI Haruki41-23IMOTO Yutsuka
IMOTO Yutsuka42-22OKUNO Masakazu
2017-05-04: 12_Hyogo_open(Japan)
IMOTO Yutsuka40-24TAKAHASHI Manabu
OKAMURA Hiroaki46-18IMOTO Yutsuka
KASAI Yuta40-24IMOTO Yutsuka
MATSUDA Akira36-28IMOTO Yutsuka
HYOUZU Ryouga37-27IMOTO Yutsuka
MATSUMOTO Kazunori37-27IMOTO Yutsuka
2016-10-09: 27_Kansai_championship_B(Japan)
TAGUCHI Amane50-14IMOTO Yutsuka
IMOTO Yutsuka58-06HORIKAWA Atsushi
NAGASHIMA Yoshitaka36-28IMOTO Yutsuka
IKEHATA Keiko56-08IMOTO Yutsuka
YAMAZAKI Nanae35-29IMOTO Yutsuka
IMOTO Yutsuka47-17HASHIMOTO Tokuya
HARA Tomokazu33-31IMOTO Yutsuka