KOGA Kensei (Japan)Japanese name(s): 古賀健聖
10 tournaments
66 results
Rated 735 in Japan and 878 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1142 in the World
Latest rating: 1247
2018-05-06: 94_Q_league(Japan)
NAKANO Shou42-22KOGA Kensei
TAMURA Saneaki52-12KOGA Kensei
HARA Sousuke36-28KOGA Kensei
UENO Hideki46-18KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei40-24SHIMOKAWA Atsuji
KIMURA Haruke41-23KOGA Kensei
FUKUI Osa39-25KOGA Kensei
2018-03-04: 92_Q_league(Japan)
KOGA Kensei64-00SUENOBU Shion
KOGA Kensei34-30HIYOSHI Ryouta
HARA Sousuke37-27KOGA Kensei
NAKANO Shou35-29KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei36-28FUKUI Osa
KOGA Tetsuta39-25KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei49-15OHATA Eitoku
2018-02-18: 91_Q_league(Japan)
KOGA Kensei52-12NAKAGAWA Haruto
KOGA Kensei50-14KOGA Sayaka
KIMURA Junji39-25KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei48-16SHIMOKAWA Atsuji
KOGA Kensei36-28KUWAHARA Kenichi
FUKUI Osa49-15KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei52-12NAKANO Shou
2017-11-05: 90_Q_league(Japan)
KOGA Kensei64-00OHATA Eitoku
KOGA Kensei54-10KOGA Tetsuta
FUKUI Osa55-09KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei33-31UENO Hideki
KIMURA Junji32-32KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei53-11KOGA Sayaka
KOGA Kensei51-13SATO Akira
2017-10-01: 89_Q_league(Japan)
KIMURA Haruke48-16KOGA Kensei
NAKANO Isamu49-15KOGA Kensei
KUWAHARA Yoshiteru49-15KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei34-30KIMURA Junji
KOGA Tetsuta42-22KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei35-29UENO Hideki
KOGA Sayaka51-13KOGA Kensei
2017-07-09: 86_Q_league(Japan)
HIRASHIMA Naoki47-17KOGA Kensei
OISHI Hiroki57-07KOGA Kensei
UENO Hideki36-28KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei51-13KIMURA Haruke
ICHIKI Haruki58-06KOGA Kensei
2017-05-07: 85_Q_league(Japan)
KOGA Kensei50-14UENO Hideki
KOGA Kensei58-06SHONO Mitsugi
SHIMOKAWA Atsuji40-24KOGA Kensei
KUWAHARA Yoshiteru39-25KOGA Kensei
MATSUI Koji40-24KOGA Kensei
2017-02-26: 83_Q_league(Japan)
TANIGUCHI Eizi36-28KOGA Kensei
MITSUKAWA Yoshikuni39-25KOGA Kensei
ICHIKI Haruki37-27KOGA Kensei
UENO Hideki53-11KOGA Kensei
SHIMOKAWA Atsuji50-14KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei38-26KUWAHARA Yoshiteru
HIRASHIMA Naoki43-21KOGA Kensei
2016-11-27: 82_Q_league(Japan)
KUWAHARA Yoshiteru52-12KOGA Kensei
ICHIKI Haruki36-28KOGA Kensei
KITANOSHI Ryou52-12KOGA Kensei
HIRASHIMA Naoki52-12KOGA Kensei
UENO Hideki34-30KOGA Kensei
ICHIKI Haruki54-10KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei47-17UENO Hideki
2016-10-09: 81_Q_league(Japan)
HIRASHIMA Naoki46-18KOGA Kensei
ICHIKI Haruki43-21KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei44-20UENO Hideki
KUWAHARA Yoshiteru56-08KOGA Kensei
KOGA Kensei35-29SHIMOKAWA Atsuji
KOGA Kensei34-30SHIMOKAWA Atsuji
KOGA Kensei46-18HIRASHIMA Naoki