IMADA Kanako (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 今田哉子
2 tournaments
10 results
Rated 949 in Japan and 1148 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1509 in the World
Latest rating: 1060
2017-05-28: 38_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
OBARA Hiroto63-01IMADA Kanako
IMADA Kanako47-17SAWADA Aomi
TANABE Tomoki58-06IMADA Kanako
SAWADA Aimi54-10IMADA Kanako
HASEGAWA Shunsuke39-25IMADA Kanako
2016-11-20: 37_Niigata_challenge_cup(Japan)
IWASAKA Ryuji47-17IMADA Kanako
IMADA Kanako37-27HIGAKI Syunsuke
TANABE Tomoki64-00IMADA Kanako
ETO Riichi53-11IMADA Kanako
IMADA Kanako47-17IMADA Shin