NAKANO Ookazu (Japan)

2 tournaments
11 results
Player ID: 14093
Rated 928 in Japan and 1198 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1649 in the World
Latest rating: 284
2018-10-07: 23_Yamanashi_open(Japan)
SAWADA Takehiko64-00NAKANO Ookazu
NAMIKI Aoi41-23NAKANO Ookazu
NAKANO Itaru53-11NAKANO Ookazu
FUJIWARA Asuka52-12NAKANO Ookazu
NAMIKI Airi46-18NAKANO Ookazu
IWASAKI Masaaki60-04NAKANO Ookazu
2017-10-01: 22_Yamanashi_open(Japan)
NAKANO Ookazu36-28NAMIKI Aoi
OCHIAI Kenta53-11NAKANO Ookazu
OCHIAI Akiko46-18NAKANO Ookazu
NAKANO Kazuki51-13NAKANO Ookazu
NAMIKI Airi34-30NAKANO Ookazu