OHATA Eitoku (Japan)Japanese name(s): 小幡英徳
3 tournaments
20 results
Rated 941 in Japan and 1134 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1496 in the World
Latest rating: 958
2018-03-04: 92_Q_league(Japan)
HIYOSHI Ryouta56-08OHATA Eitoku
OHATA Eitoku52-12NISHIDA Yurina
FUKUI Osa41-23OHATA Eitoku
HARA Sousuke44-20OHATA Eitoku
KOGA Tetsuta56-08OHATA Eitoku
NAKANO Shou47-17OHATA Eitoku
KOGA Kensei49-15OHATA Eitoku
2017-12-03: Kyushu_open_2017(Japan)
NAKAYAMA Takahiro61-03OHATA Eitoku
IKEDA Tatsunobu52-12OHATA Eitoku
NAKANO Takanao55-09OHATA Eitoku
OHATA Eitoku41-23UENO Hideki
OHATA Eitoku44-20OHATA Mio
NAKANO Shou53-11OHATA Eitoku
2017-11-05: 90_Q_league(Japan)
KOGA Kensei64-00OHATA Eitoku
KIMURA Junji46-18OHATA Eitoku
KOGA Sayaka44-20OHATA Eitoku
OHATA Eitoku42-22FUKUI Osa
IWAMOTO Kazuaki38-26OHATA Eitoku
SATO Akira47-17OHATA Eitoku
OHATA Eitoku37-27OHATA Mio