HIRATA Shintarou (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 平田真太郎
3 tournaments
18 results
Player ID: 14144
Rated T809 in Japan and T969 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1234 in the World
Latest rating: 1432
  • 2017
2017-11-12: 19_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
SUZUKI Fujio43-21HIRATA Shintarou
HIRATA Shintarou47-17UENO Ukie
HAYASHI Keita40-24HIRATA Shintarou
HIRATA Shintarou51-13TSUKAMOTO Takashi
TSUSAKI Shouta40-24HIRATA Shintarou
HIRATA Shintarou43-21SEKINE Taku
2017-10-01: 18_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
HIRATA Shintarou46-18KIKUTA Kouji
TSUSAKI Shouta38-26HIRATA Shintarou
HIRATA Shintarou53-11UENO Aoi
HAYASHI Keita50-14HIRATA Shintarou
IWATA Motoaki42-22HIRATA Shintarou
HIRATA Shintarou52-12UENO Aoi
2017-09-10: 17_Tsukuba_challenge(Japan)
HIRATA Shintarou50-14TSUSAKI Honoka
HAYASHI Keita38-26HIRATA Shintarou
HIRATA Shintarou49-15UI Shoudou
OHTSUBO Kai41-23HIRATA Shintarou
HIRATA Shintarou43-21ONUMA Takashi
UI Naomichi37-27HIRATA Shintarou