KATO Takahiro (Japan)Japanese name(s): 加藤貴大
6 tournaments
34 results
Rated T654 in Japan and T773 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T946 in the World
Latest rating: 1654
2019-05-18: 138_Chiyarenshi_open_intermediate(Japan)
TAKAHASHI Shiu54-10KATO Takahiro
HATEKEYAMA Shiyu50-14KATO Takahiro
KAZUSUKE Rino60-04KATO Takahiro
TAKA Hirosuke41-23KATO Takahiro
2018-08-11: 7_Tokyo_open(Japan)
KATO Takahiro34-30TAKAHARU Daikan
NANASE Yuuma64-00KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro33-31OKISO Reita
KATO Takahiro57-07IWASAWA Yuya
WATANABE Keiichi35-29KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro45-19MIYAMOTO Sukehiro
2018-04-28: 6_Tokyo_open(Japan)
KITAJIMA Satoya54-10KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro48-16YAMAMURA Haruna
TANAKA Chikako34-30KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro33-31TANAKA Junji
NISHIMURA Haruna42-22KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro40-24NAMAZU Yuki
2018-03-10: 125_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
KITAMURA Taketo44-20KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro48-16NANJOU Kazuki
KATO Takahiro48-16NAKAYAMA Atsushi
KATO Takahiro33-31YAMAMOTO Kenta
KATO Takahiro39-25EHARA Souta
TAKAHASHI Akinari38-26KATO Takahiro
2018-02-10: 124_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
KATO Takahiro47-17IWAI Nori
TAKENO Ami47-17KATO Takahiro
YAMAZAKI Ken39-25KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro44-20ASAMI Yoshiyuki
KATO Takahiro37-27MONMA Ousuke
KATO Takahiro46-18OCHIAI Naohumi
2018-01-27: 133_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
IZUMI Takashi64-00KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro34-30MATSUNE Mori
HANAZAKI Hideo35-29KATO Takahiro
IWAI Nori45-19KATO Takahiro
KATO Takahiro54-10TAMAKI Shino
HORIUCHI Soutarou47-17KATO Takahiro