SAWA Hiroto (Japan)

9 tournaments
50 results
Player ID: 14319
Rated 834 in Japan and 992 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1282 in the World
Latest rating: 1349
2019-03-17: 75_Sapporo_open(Japan)
SAWA Hiroto55-09SAHEI Rie
SAWA Hiroto37-27NISHIKUBO Motohiro
UCHIYAMA Shuuhei36-28SAWA Hiroto
TANIHARA Hinata40-24SAWA Hiroto
NAKAJIMA Hajime38-26SAWA Hiroto
2018-10-27: 71_Nagareyama_B(Japan)
NAGATSUKA Ibuki38-26SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto59-05SHIMIZU Satoshi
NAKAJIMA Hajime54-10SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto37-27ARATANI Tetsuya
FUJII Renya47-17SAWA Hiroto
2018-04-22: 255_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
NAKAMORI Hiroki60-04SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto33-31KASAI Yoshiyuki
TODA Tomoya55-09SAWA Hiroto
KANEKO Hikaru37-27SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto51-13HAGIZAKI Mao
SAWA Hiroto37-27YOSHIDA Kenjirou
2018-04-01: 14_Yokohama_open(Japan)
YAMADA Kazuko49-15SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto56-08HAGIHARA Mizuki
OKUNO Masakazu56-08SAWA Hiroto
KASAI Yoshiyuki33-31SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto47-17HARAKUCHI Mahiro
SAWA Hiroto53-11TSUCHIMOTO Momone
2018-03-11: 254_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
HASEGAWA Takeshi47-17SAWA Hiroto
NARA Yumiko44-20SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto37-27KAWAKAMI Eiichi
NARA Souma54-10SAWA Hiroto
OHTSUBO Kai51-13SAWA Hiroto
OHNO Atsuko49-15SAWA Hiroto
2018-03-04: 107_Kanagawa_open(Japan)
YASUI Takao46-18SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto59-05TONOGAI Takuro
SHIOSAWA Kousuke33-31SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto51-13YANO Haruto
TASHIRO Kouji47-17SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto58-06IWATA Oh
2018-01-28: 253_Kawagoe_ranking_games(Japan)
KOSHINO Kazuhiko43-21SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto48-16KANEKO Hikaru
KURACHI Takayuki59-05SAWA Hiroto
SAWA Hiroto36-28NAGATSUKA Ibuki
KURIHARA Tomoyuki41-23SAWA Hiroto
2017-12-23: 132_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
YAMAGUCHI Tomoki40-24SAWA Hiroto
ATOBE Shuugo44-20SAWA Hiroto
SHINDO Aoba48-16SAWA Hiroto
KAWAKAMI Eiichi38-26SAWA Hiroto
UCHIYAMA Akika37-27SAWA Hiroto
2017-12-09: 123_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
SAWA Hiroto50-14YUBARA Satoshi
SAWA Hiroto47-17NAKASE Ukei
HORIUCHI Soutarou40-24SAWA Hiroto
SHIRAI Satoshi46-18SAWA Hiroto
TAKAHASHI Akinari44-20SAWA Hiroto
YAMAMOTO Kenta50-14SAWA Hiroto