NITTA Shuuhei (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 新田宗平
4 tournaments
21 results
Player ID: 14505
Rated 660 in Japan and 829 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1105 in the World
Latest rating: 879
2019-05-04: 49_blue_sky_conference(Japan)
FUJIMOTO Masaki40-24NITTA Shuuhei
MATSUMOTO Riku38-26NITTA Shuuhei
SUZUKI Takahiro41-23NITTA Shuuhei
HASEGAWA Toshi48-16NITTA Shuuhei
NITTA Shuuhei38-26NOGUCHI Kiyouko
KAWATA Tetsu42-22NITTA Shuuhei
2018-11-04: 47_All_Japan_Tokai_prelim(Japan)
FUJITA Takeshi61-03NITTA Shuuhei
NAKAYAMA Takahiro54-10NITTA Shuuhei
NITTA Shuuhei40-24MAEDA Shikari
IWASAKI Masaaki42-22NITTA Shuuhei
MATSUMOTO Kuichi34-30NITTA Shuuhei
2018-08-11: 90_Hamamatsu_meeting(Japan)
ISOBE Mikio36-28NITTA Shuuhei
TESAKI Satoru52-12NITTA Shuuhei
NITTA Shuuhei49-15MURAMATSU Mutsumi
FUJITA Koichi49-15NITTA Shuuhei
NITTA Shuuhei41-23UKAI Kana
2018-04-08: Shizuoka_championship_2018(Japan)
NITTA Shuuhei39-25TANAKI Hiro
FUJIMOTO Kenta39-25NITTA Shuuhei
NITTA Shuuhei35-29HASEGAWA Koharu
NITTA Shuuhei39-25NAKANISHI Tsugi
KINOSHITA Shuntarou36-28NITTA Shuuhei