TANASE Yutaro (Japan)Japanese name(s): 棚橋祐太
2 tournaments
12 results
Rated 753 in Japan and 895 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1140 in the World
Latest rating: 1436
  • 2018
2018-07-07: 128_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
ADACHI Shungai51-13TANASE Yutaro
TANASE Yutaro45-19KITAGAKI Shota
TANASE Yutaro46-18MONMA Sora
MIYAMOTO Taketora40-24TANASE Yutaro
TANASE Yutaro39-25MONMA Ousuke
TANASE Yutaro47-17SATANI Syou
2018-06-09: 127_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
NAMAZU Yuki49-15TANASE Yutaro
TANASE Yutaro49-15TERANISHI Shinryuu
TANASE Yutaro47-17NAMAZU Misa
SHIBANO Tatsunosuke33-31TANASE Yutaro
KITAMURA Taketo47-17TANASE Yutaro
TANASE Yutaro48-16OSBORNE Emma