SATO Oose (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 佐藤大世
3 tournaments
15 results
Player ID: 14884
Rated 649 in Japan and 802 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1059 in the World
Latest rating: 1053
  • 2019
2019-09-07: 6_Fukushilma_challenge_cup(Japan)
SATO Oose53-11SATO Shuma
SATO Oose44-20SATO Shinichi
SATO Oose33-31IWASAKI Shouken
MIURA Hinata49-15SATO Oose
HAYASHIZAKI Hiroyuki44-20SATO Oose
2019-06-22: 5_Fukushima_challenge_cup(Japan)
MURAKAMI Kashou35-29SATO Oose
IWASAKI Shouken45-19SATO Oose
SATO Oose48-16KUDOU Yuko
KUDUO Michio36-28SATO Oose
SATO Oose55-09SATO Shuma
2019-03-09: 4_Fukushima_challenge_cup(Japan)
SATO Oose44-20SATO Hideyuki
SAKAI Itaru51-13SATO Oose
SATO Oose37-27NAKAGAWA Kuihira
WATANABE Shunpei32-32SATO Oose
SATO Shinichi53-11SATO Oose