HORII Kunitoshi (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 堀井邦稔
4 tournaments
23 results
Player ID: 14900
Rated T198 in Japan and T220 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T244 in the World
Latest rating: 2080
2020-02-02: Tokyo_expert_games(Japan)
HORII Kunitoshi44-20MITANI Koutarou
HISHIYAMA Yuichi47-17HORII Kunitoshi
KIYONOBU Kenta36-28HORII Kunitoshi
ISHIKAWA Akira36-28HORII Kunitoshi
TAKAHASHI Hisashi57-07HORII Kunitoshi
2019-12-14: 144_Chiyarenshi_open(Japan)
HORII Kunitoshi46-18KASAI Yoshiyuki
HORII Kunitoshi39-25GOH Jun Jie Anthony
HORII Kunitoshi40-24UENO Tomohisa
FUJII Renya39-25HORII Kunitoshi
HORII Kunitoshi40-24MIYAMOTO Taketora
HORII Kunitoshi43-21TAKYAMA Kasa
2019-06-22: 147_Shinagawa_open(Japan)
HORII Kunitoshi35-29TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi
NAKAJIMA Tetsuya45-19HORII Kunitoshi
HORII Kunitoshi52-12KASAI Yoshiyuki
MATSUYA Atsu40-24HORII Kunitoshi
HORII Kunitoshi59-05KONO Sayaka
KITAJIMA Hideki43-21HORII Kunitoshi
2019-03-09: 136_Chiyarenshi_open_beginner(Japan)
HORII Kunitoshi56-08MASUDA Ryohei
OZAWA Hiroki47-17HORII Kunitoshi
HORII Kunitoshi43-21TAKAHASHI Toshi
HORII Kunitoshi35-29TSUTSUMI Ari
HORII Kunitoshi52-12ISHII Kanari
HORII Kunitoshi51-13OZAWA Hiroki