TOMIBE Hiroshi (Japan)Japanese name(s): 富部博資
2 tournaments
11 results
Rated 869 in Japan and 1061 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1423 in the World
Latest rating: 987
  • 2019
2019-02-17: 2019_Shizuoka_expert_games(Japan)
ENOMOTO Hiroyuki55-09TOMIBE Hiroshi
KAWATA Tetsu49-15TOMIBE Hiroshi
TOMIBE Norikiyo52-12TOMIBE Hiroshi
HASEGAWA Toshi54-10TOMIBE Hiroshi
IWASAKI Masaaki52-12TOMIBE Hiroshi
ARAKI Yasuyuki62-02TOMIBE Hiroshi
2019-01-20: New_Year_conference(Japan)
OZAKI Yoshito52-12TOMIBE Hiroshi
FUJIMOTO Masaki51-13TOMIBE Hiroshi
HASEGAWA Toshi54-10TOMIBE Hiroshi
TOMIBE Hiroshi48-16KAWATA Tetsu
FUJIMOTO Kenta62-02TOMIBE Hiroshi