SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 島元祟充
3 tournaments
17 results
Player ID: 14922
Rated 757 in Japan and 894 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1142 in the World
Latest rating: 1470
  • 2019
2019-06-15: 17_Hokuetsu_open(Japan)
TAGUCHI Amane64-00SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
SHIMAMOTO Masanori35-29SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
MATSUMOTO Kazunori47-17SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu34-30ESAKI Kanji
SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu35-29HYOUZU Ryouga
2019-02-23: 13_Hokuetsu_open(Japan)
YOSHINO Toru54-10SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu35-29MAEDA Tetsuya
SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu51-13MARUMO Yuuki
HIRANO Tomo46-18SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
UNO Toshihiro57-07SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
SHIMAMOTO Masanori52-12SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
2019-01-27: 12_Hokuetsu_open(Japan)
TAGUCHI Shinya43-21SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
NISHIMURA Akihiro35-29SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu45-19ISAMU Kouichi
UEMURA Kou60-04SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu
MATSUMOTO Kazunori48-16SHIMAMOTO Tatamitsu