UEMURA Yuusuke (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 上村祐介
2 tournaments
10 results
Player ID: 15011
Rated 485 in Japan and 621 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 920 in the World
Latest rating: 930
2023-05-04: 33_Kyoto_open(Japan)
YOSHIDA Shigenobu34-30UEMURA Yuusuke
TAGUCHI Shinya48-16UEMURA Yuusuke
KURACHI Takayuki42-22UEMURA Yuusuke
2019-05-05: 31_Kyoto_open(Japan)
TAKAHASHI Akihiro60-04UEMURA Yuusuke
MATSUMOTO Kishie42-22UEMURA Yuusuke
UEMURA Yuusuke34-30IIDA Hagi
UEMURA Yuusuke37-27TSUTOMU Makiko
ITO Itsuru61-03UEMURA Yuusuke
UEMURA Yuusuke41-23NAKAYAMA Takahiro
NISHIMURA Akihiro43-21UEMURA Yuusuke