KOGA Yuina (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 古賀結名
4 tournaments
27 results
Player ID: 15029
Rated 774 in Japan and 917 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and T1184 in the World
Latest rating: 1421
  • 2019
2019-11-24: 48_All_Japan_championship_women(Japan)
ISHII Kanariwon againstKOGA Yuina
KOGA Yuinawon againstTANAKA Michiko
NODA Yunawon againstKOGA Yuina
OKUDAIRA Fuyumiwon againstKOGA Yuina
TSUCHIKANE Megumiwon againstKOGA Yuina
SATO Kaoriwon againstKOGA Yuina
2019-10-27: 48_All_Japan_Chubu_prelim(Japan)
YAMANAKA Yukihiro49-15KOGA Yuina
KOGA Yuina43-21OKUDAIRA Fuyumi
KOGA Yuina48-16KAWAGUCHI Wakana
KATOKO Isamu41-23KOGA Yuina
OKAMOTO Harumi50-14KOGA Yuina
TSUKAMOTO Hiroaki39-25KOGA Yuina
YAMANAKA Mami53-11KOGA Yuina
HARA Shuichi34-30KOGA Yuina
KOGA Yuina47-17KAWAGUCHI Mikasa
OKUDAIRA Akio46-18KOGA Yuina
2019-09-01: 60_Nagoya_open(Japan)
KOGA Shingo41-23KOGA Yuina
KOGA Yuina59-05WATANABE Masaka
KOGA Yuina47-17KATOKO Koko
WATANABE Osuke62-02KOGA Yuina
KOGA Yuina52-12KAWAGUCHI Wakana
KOGA Yuina44-20SATO Tomoya
2019-05-02: 46_Inuyama_open_morning(Japan)
TAKIGAWA Mitsuaki64-00KOGA Yuina
WATANABE Osuke50-14KOGA Yuina
OKUDAIRA Fuyumi52-12KOGA Yuina
KOGA Yuina48-16KANAI Reiko
ARAKAWA Shuma52-12KOGA Yuina