SASAGE Tatsunari (Japan)

Japanese name(s): 捧竜成
3 tournaments
18 results
Player ID: 15068
Rated 703 in Japan and 827 in Asia&Oceania&Africa and 1041 in the World
Latest rating: 1570
  • 2019
2019-10-14: 2_Watarase_open(Japan)
MATSUMOTO Makoto54-10SASAGE Tatsunari
YOSHIDA Goushi42-22SASAGE Tatsunari
TSUCHIKANE Hiroshi52-12SASAGE Tatsunari
SASAGE Tatsunari38-26HARADA Hiraku
SASAGE Tatsunari42-22CHIBA Seima
YAMAMOTO Kunihiro37-27SASAGE Tatsunari
2019-07-21: 76_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
SASAGE Tatsunari49-15HORIE Ousei
YAMAMOTO Kunihiro48-16SASAGE Tatsunari
SASAGE Tatsunari46-18KONO Tomokazu
WAKAYAMA Yusuke51-13SASAGE Tatsunari
IWAKURA Hiroaki55-09SASAGE Tatsunari
SASAGE Tatsunari47-17HARADA Hiraku
2019-03-31: 74_Tatebayashi_open(Japan)
IWAKURA Hiroaki48-16SASAGE Tatsunari
KONO Koudai34-30SASAGE Tatsunari
SASAGE Tatsunari54-10KOBAYASHI Hinasho
TAMAIE Kousake56-08SASAGE Tatsunari
SASAGE Tatsunari37-27SUZUKI Toshib
SASAGE Tatsunari48-16HARADA Hiraku